Designin Schools is a concept developed by DesignWorks a cross-disciplinary design practice. The concept has evolved from our dual premises as design professionals & educators.

As a practice we have had a long & on-going engagement with the education & child-care with clients like Educomp Solutions, Little Millennium, Eurokids, Euroschool, Career Launcher, Indus World Schools etc. Our interests in design also extend itself as educators with institutes like PICA, NIFT, Manipal University etc.

Following its inception in 2008, the concept took a stronger shape through presentations in conferences, public forums & interactions with peers & academics. In 2011, Designin Schools formally launched its program in the form of design workshops for teachers & students.


(in alphabetical order)

Abraham Samuel
Abraham, a co-founder of DesignWorks, has a post graduate qualification in Construction & Project Management. He has been involved in education since 1998 with design institutes like PiCA & Manipal University. Abraham is currently based in Dubai, UAE where he is engaged with projects from the retail sector. Amongst other qualifications, he has the wonderful ability to sleep anywhere at any time in any posture.
Email: abraham.samuel@design-works.in

Ajay Pillai
With a post graduation in Communication Design, Ajay, is the Principal Designer at DesignWorks. He has worked closely with several international companies in the areas of branding, identity & interface design . Always willing to experiment and adopt new-age technologies, he is a firm believer of the user-centered design process.He loves his MacBook and his ‘pagan baby’ – Royal Enfield . Known to survive only on copious amounts of music, you may bump into him at a local concert.
Email: ajay.pillai@design-works.in

Amit Dhanawat
Known as AD, Amit works as an Architect at Designworks. AD uses graphics to communicate and loves experimenting with mixed media. Involved in teaching computer innovation at AIKTC, he is also working with the design students to create & project large public art installations across the city. A passionate photographer, traveller and numismatist, AD is also working on a project called, “navi mumbai in defpoints” to look at the local architectural history. Sipping on earl grey tea and watching a beautiful sunset, makes his day.
Email: amit.dhanawat@design-works.in

Jinu Kurien
Jinu is the Principal Architect at DesignWorks and also teaches Design & Humanities in professional design institutes like PiCA & NIFT. His travels across India for professional work and educational research have contributed immensely to his understanding of people, places and cultures. He enjoys exploring the intersections between different disciplines; DesigninSchools is an idea that evolved from this interest. Jinu is a frustrated film maker and has been learning to play the guitar since 1995
Email: jinu.kurien@design-works.in

Raj Singh
Raj is an Architect at DesignWorks, where he is involved in spatial & product level experimentation for projects from the education sector. He teaches Drawing skills, Design, and Structural Techniques & Material Studies in professional institutes like PiCA, NIFT & AIKTC. Raj has travelled from Sarhan to Sri Lanka to dwell upon diverse cultures through their colors and architecture. Using his screen as a canvas and his mouse as a paintbrush, he enjoys turning his work into art.
Email: raj.singh@design-works.in

Rajesh Krishnan
Rajesh stands tall and broad, making it difficult for anyone to miss him in a crowd. He is a hit with the little design clubbers who always ask for him when he is away. Designer and teacher by profession, Rajesh is also an automobile enthusiast and a traveler by passion. He breathes music and travels across the country and outside, co-creating design and material workshops for professionals and students.
Email: rajesh.krishnan@design-works.in

Sarita Ramamoorthy
With a degree in architecture and a Masters in Asia-Pacific Studies, Sarita has over 4 years of work on documentation, research & writing. She works actively with Designin Schools and other projects in culture & history. In an attempt to see through transparently, Sarita  has recently picked up the brush to learn painting water colours. An avid reader, mythology is her favourite subject and she loves eating oranges.
Email: sarita.manu@design-works.in