The Idea

The word design has many meanings. Commonly design is understood as a pattern or a composition in a visual form as we see in the design of a book or a garment.

It can also acquire a fairly complex structure as seen in the design of a software, bridge or machine. In any form, design can be stated as process of recognising a problem & finding solutions to it. It is a process that is fundamental to any individual & her/his every-day life.

Design incorporates our social, cultural, scientific & aesthetic values to create solutions. It is human-centred, collaborative & experimental in nature. It is also optimistic in nature with a belief that there are answers for all problems.

Does design have a space in K-12 schools?

A subject like design can add several dimensions to a learning environment. There are various methods & processes in the development of a new design, idea or solution, collectively referred to as design thinking.

As educators, one can apply design thinking to facilitate innovative approaches to existing methods of teaching and learning.

For students, design based programs will be a dynamic & cross-disciplinary learning experience. It will encourage curiosity, inquiry, problem-solving, communication & collaboration.

For educators we have two programs in the form of workshops:

  • Design Thinking
  • Cross-pollination


For students we have the following workshops under the categories of design & humanities:

  • Tall Taller Tallest (Design)
  • The Bird Shelter Project (Design)
  • Design – Infinite Opportunities (Design)
  • Design for your School (Design)
  • City Heritage Walks (Humanities)
  • Roti, Kapda aur Makaan (Humanities)

At the centre of any design process is a human-centred approach. Our program in Humanities will enable the study & appreciation of culture. Identifying with different cultures will enable the children understand themselves & others better. Learning from structures like these can be invaluable in today’s global context.

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