Jodo: to join hands and minds

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@ Design Club, Euroschool, Navi Mumbai

It is said that it is very easy to create teams, but to create teamwork is not easy. At Design Club, creating the teams was a task in itself as all the students wanted to make groups of their own choice. There were loud, ‘Noooooos’ and screams of ‘Pleaseeee’, as we chose to make groups of mixed skills, with each group having three students from different classes & age groups, where possible. We strongly believe that working in teams is a great activity to build a new learning experience, where students have an opportunity to learn from each other, communicate ideas and work cohesively.

For our first group activity, we chose to use ‘JODO BLOCKS’. JODO Blocks are sets of cubes typically used for learning in mathematics. Our club members were required to use these blocks to build a structure, as tall as they could. The tools available for each group were a set of Jodo Blocks, three active minds, and 60 minutes. Despite spending nearly more than half of the time in deciding what to build; making; breaking; and re-making, the students came up with amazing structures and even named them, as seen in the following images.

The highlight of the day: one of our high-energy students from Class V walked up to us to say, “It Is funny how no one wanted to do this, but look how excited everyone is now”.




Group One: CLAWS
Student 1: Class 6, Aged 12
Student 2: Class 5, Aged 11
Student 3: Class 4, Aged 11

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at the Earth Mela 2011

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@ Design Club, Euroschool, Navi Mumbai

Children’s enthusiasm knows no bounds when they step out of their classrooms into the lap of nature.

Our little design clubbers participated in the Earth Mela 2011 ‘The Year of Indian Forests’, organised by SPROUTS (SPROUTS, which stands for the Society of Promotion of Research, Outdoors, Urbanity, Training and Social Welfare, is a Nature-Adventure-Outdoors, Mumbai based organization.) SPROUTS Earth Mela 2011 was held on December 03-04, 2011 at Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai.

The Earth Mela, with its activities such as adventure sports arena, city farming workshop, workshops teaching calligraphy, origami, paper recycling, claywork and collage, kept the children engaged all day long, and asking for more.

Here are some snapshots from their action-filled, adventurous outing.


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Soapy Sculptors

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@ Design Club, Euroschool, Navi Mumbai

The design clubbers returned to school highly enthused, following the term-break. To tune in to their brimming energy levels, we decided to get the kids to sculpt and create “paper weights” for their teachers.

Bars of Soap with their soft texture and easy-to-hold size turned out to be a wonderful material to introduce kids to sculpting.

Sculpting in Soap

  • Soaps



  • 6” long Steel Ruler; useful in cutting the soap
  • Spoons; to help scoop out the surface
  • Pencils; perfect to puncture the soap, when needed
  • Hand-gloves; all kids wore hand gloves before handing the soap to avoid direct contact with the soap.


In a sharp contrast to the last exercise of designing a poster over a few weeks, soap sculpting is a short design esquisse where the children learn by doing.

A sculpture, with its three-dimensions, lets the children work with texture, shape and form.

This week, they used different tools to work on the soap and understand how the soap moulds itself under their hands. Their ‘Creativity and Imagination’ knew no bounds, as soaps moved swiftly in their hands and turned into art.

The following week will be the second and last session of soap sculpting where the children will freeze their soapy works of art.


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